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Dangers of Bodybuilding: When Bigger is Not Better

Dangers of Bodybuilding: When Bigger is Not Better

In today’s world, we all know the saying, “bigger is better”. However, as many people find out much too late, bigger can be deadly. Many people go to extreme measures to increase their biceps or to lift more weights. Some extreme methods of bodybuilders include:

Anabolic Steroids: Steroids can increase blood pressure and cause the kidneys to work overtime. Steroids interfere with hormones by turning testosterone into estrogen. Prolonged use can cause mood disorders and psychosis.

Anesthesia: Some body builders inject anesthesia into their Golgi Tendon Organ. This prevents the muscle from knowing when it has worked too hard. Bodybuilders can overwork their muscle and can pull the muscle off the bone.

Protein: Although protein is essential for survival, too much can be lethal. You can use JYM pre workout.  Large quantities of protein are toxic and forces the body to work extra hard to remove them. Extensive stress is placed on the kidneys and all this work can leave your body dehydrated.

Traning Too Hard: I have observed over-training in many collegiate athletes. Over-training occurs when an individual pushes their body to its limit repeatedly without sufficient time for rest and recovery. The body becomes overwhelmed and begins to break down, leading to a host of illnesses.

Stimulants: Stimulants increase blood pressure while simultaneously constricting the diameter of blood vessels. Your heart has to work unusually hard to keep blood circulating in your body. Stimulants can also lessen the weariness of exercising. Consequently, people on stimulants may be pushing their bodies harder than they realize. There are many news reports of young people having heart attacks while exercising on stimulants.

Some bodybuilders are putting their health and future at risk in order to be stronger and bigger. Please think twice before using some of these methods. Is it really worth it?