Web Marketing | Taking Advantage of Facebook Targeted Marketing

Web Marketing | Taking Advantage of Facebook Targeted Marketing

Marketing to a broad and general audience can be quite challenging, not to mention ineffective. There you are wasting precious ad space for buyers who won’t take a second look at the product your offering. This can be frustrating which is why people are turning to social media sites like Facebook that offer targeted marketing so you can focus your energies on the audience that really matters.

Facebook has one of the most sophisticated targeting capabilities online. You can search for anything on google and then open Facebook on your browser to find exactly the thing you googled being advertised on the social media site. Even messenger cannot escape Facebook’s targeted marketing. I once chatted with my sister about a specific type of Nike trainers I really liked. After the conversation, lo and behold Facebook already had several suggestions for where I could buy the trainers online. Sneaky and stalkery but quite effective.

Here’s how you can cash in on Facebook’s targeted marketing.

Facebook’s Targeting Options

Facebook has hands down the most varied targeting options for ads. You can target audiences by age, gender, location and even by work place! This kind of system is valuable BUT you have to identify what kind of audience you are trying to reach first. Advertising to a wide range of users has its virtues. You are not going to gain new clients if you don’t reach out to them, right? However, and this is particularly true for those who are marketing with budget constraints, sometimes it really pays to just offer your products and services to your natural market.

The whole point of targeted marketing is to narrow down your audience so you are not wasting your energy and precious resources on demographics that are not interested in your product.


Narrowing your Target Further

If narrowing your audience by location and work place is not enough, Facebook can even target your audience further by allowing you to target specific interests. That’s basically hitting the nail right on the head! Knowing what a client wants and needs and being there to offer it is the age old formula for sales. This in itself is more than your money’s worth.

Converting Facebook Posts to Store Traffic

A great way to convert Facebook posts to store traffic is by targeting your audience by location. You can offer Facebook promos that are redeemable in store. Data shows that clients are more likely to jump the gun on promotions if the store is in their area. Makes sense right? Offer Facebook specials just for the locals or residents within your area. You can even give out freebies that they have to claim at the store (who can resist free stuff, right?) Once they’re in your store you can go ahead and upsell them as much as you like.

You can try this out for yourself and see how much footfall increases in your physical store.

Buy Website Traffic

If you really want targeted traffic you should try and buy website traffic. It’s easy and straightforward. Most websites that buy website traffic report a sustained increase in web traffic for months after first buying web traffic.